Chasing Invader Around the Globe (Paris, Miami, New York, Roma Street Art)

One more set from the archives. I love spotting Invader. This isn’t every shot I’ve captured over the years, but it does represent a set that I do like. I especially like the one from Rome next to the Borgia Stairs, since it combines two of my great loves- graffiti/street art and Renaissance Italy.

“You Can’t Win” Graffiti and Street Art Photos 2000-2016

In case you were wondering about the project I mentioned in my first post, this is it. I’m doing a zine putting together some photos from my travels. It will feature photos from Boston, New York, San Francisco, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Miami, Los Angeles, Florence, Reykjavik and Dublin taken over the past decade and a […]

A Trip Through My Photo Archives- REVS AMAZE in New York City

I’ve got a small publishing project on the back burner and as I’m working on it I’m going through my archives of street art and graffiti photos looking for images that fit the project. Some of them deserve a share beyond that project. This is definitely one of them. I’ve loved REVS work since the […]