A photo of AMAZE and OKER street art from Boston, MA. Done in conjunction with the Barry McGee show at the ICA/Boston

About Art Walks Boston

Art Walks Boston, LLC was founded by Rob Larsen in 2015.

I started Art Walks Boston for a few reasons. For starters, I love art. I’ve been poking around the MFA since I was five and have been making art of my own in a pretty serious way for many years. Sharing that love is natural for me and for years I’ve regularly lead friends and family on tours of the Boston museums. It’s been fun developing and formalizing those tours into something I can share with the wider world.

Secondly, back in 2007 on our first (of four and counting) trips to Rome my wife and I decided to book a guide for our first visit to the Vatican. The guide, Scott McFiggen was great- friendly, knowledgeable and clearly into what he was doing. While we knew the basics of La Cappella Sistina and St. Peter’s, Scott was able to point out details, historical facts and less famous or obvious works in a way that heightened the experience for us. It made a memorable trip even better and Scott was to thank for that. I want to do be able to do the same thing for people with Art Walks Boston.

Rob Larsen

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About Rob

Rob Larsen, Art Walks Boston founder

Art Walks Boston’s founder, Rob Larsen, is a Boston native who’s had a lifelong association with art as a fan, artist, teacher and photographer.

As an artist he’s got art in collections around the world and has over a decade of exhibition history, showing alongside some of the biggest names in graffiti and street art. He’s been interviewed dozens of times about street art and graffiti including a lengthy interview for the Boston section of The History of American Graffiti.

He’s done demos and taught classes on graffiti and street art for many audiences- including a street art program for middle school students through Citizen Schools and street art and graffiti program at the Boston Center for Adult Education.

Rob has spent a lot of time traveling the world looking at art. Beyond a life goal of seeing every Vermeer in person (23 down, 11 to go), he often travels to important national shows, big international art fairs and museums of all shapes and sizes. In addition to the perspective seeing all that art brings, those travels have given Rob the opportunity to amass a world class collection of graffiti and street art photos. Rob has documented Boston graffiti for decades and has an international photo collection that encompasses dozens of trips to and thousands of photos from places like New York, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Reykjavik, LA, San Francisco, Miami and Amsterdam.