Around Boston: Congratulations to SRV

On the heels of my own visit, I’m pleased to see the new, Venetian style restaurant SRV win Best Italian category in Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston listing. We really enjoyed our recent visit. I can’t say it made me forget I was in Boston (my recent trip to Venezia is still to fresh in my mind) but our meals were phenomenal, the menu is true to Venice (see the squid ink risotto with cuttlefish and tuna belly in saor pictured below) and the all Italian wine list was top notch. Not pictured is the baby octopus from the Cicchetti menu, which was potentially the best thing I had all night.

We’ll be going again, for sure.

Tuna in saor

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Squid ink up in here

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C215 (Christian Guémy)

I would love to see Northeastern University invite Christian Guémy over to do a mural. I think his work would fit right in with the likes of Jef Aerosol and El Mac, who they’ve already had over to do major pieces.

I first encountered his work in the Ghetto in Rome in 2009 and I’ve been an admirer of his work since. I’d love to see one of his cats here on the streets of Boston.

Here are some shots I’ve captured over the years.

c215 at spagna

c215 rome street art stencil

c215 roma street art stencil

C215 Roman Scooter Stencil  Street Art Graffiti