A photo of AMAZE and OKER street art from Boston, MA. Done in conjunction with the Barry McGee show at the ICA/Boston

Public and Private Walking Tours of Boston


Public Tours

We run public Boston Street Art and Graffiti tours every month or so during the warmer months. It’s a one and a half hour tour and it takes in more than a dozen or so pieces in and around Northeastern University. It’s a fun, informative couple of hours. We usually get an interesting group of people and the art itself is a treat. Check our Eventbrite listings for our upcoming schedule

Why Book a Private Tour?

We also offer private tours. Why book a private tour with us?

  • They’re private. If you book a tour, it’s just you and your guide. We can work with you to craft the best possible tour for you based on your interests. If you’ve ever seen those tours in Europe with headsets, bibs and guides holding up umbrellas to stand out in a sea of humanity, our tours are the very opposite of that.
  • They’re flexible. While we do have set itineraries for all of our tours we know our subjects well and can adjust our tours in advance or on the fly. Discovery is part of the fun for us too.
  • They’re fun. We do this because we enjoy sharing Boston with the rest of the world and that enjoyment comes through on every tour. We also love art.

Sounds good? Contact us to learn more.