Recommended Day Trip: Smith College Museum of Art for When in Rome: Prints & Photographs, 1550–1900 (and more)


I headed out to Smith College for When in Rome: Prints & Photographs, 1550–1900 this past weekend and I thought it was a great show. I’m a nut for Rome and I love Piranesi so I was predisposed to enjoy the show. Still, it’s really well put together. The way that they paired works from different eras and media together to show how la citta eterna has changed over time is fascinating. I found myself poring over images, trying to match landmarks. Being able to compare and contrast the different views was a real treat.

The rest of the collection is worth seeing, as well. Works by Bellows, Sargent, and Eakins were among the highlights for me of the strong American collection.

Time is running out for the When in Rome exhibit, but if you’ve got the time, it’s worth the effort to get out there to check it out.