Food in Arles: Cuisine de Comptoir

If you find yourself in Arles and you’re looking for lunch, I’d gladly recommend Cuisine de comptoir. If you get into town via the train and do the common sites in town (the Roman arena, theater and the van Gogh sites), it’s at the far end of your walking itinerary. We had a classic Proven├žal lunch of tartines and a half carafe of rose. You should do the same if you find yourself there. We’ve gone tartine crazy since we’ve been back.

cuisine de comptoir

tartines number one

tartine number 2

The Ancient Roman (and Natural) Glory of Pont du Gard

As I mentioned, I just spent a week in France. I stayed in Paris for a couple of nights and then spent the rest of the time in Avignon. On of our side-trips from Avignon was to the incredible Roman aqueduct at Pont du Gard. If, like me, you enjoy a Roman ruin or two, it’s a can’t-miss attraction. It’s also a can’t-miss attraction if you like the great outdoors as the aqueduct sits in an incredible natural site with miles of walking and hiking trails and several large sections of riverside beach. Every drive in the area is pretty, and if you’re not driving it’s easy to get to (if you time it properly) for just a couple euros from Avignon or Nimes by bus.

The bus from Avignon (the A15) leaves from the bus depot, right next to Gare Avignon Centre. The Rick Steves Provence book mentions an Ibis Hotel. Which is valid, except there are two on that street. The one you want is next to the Train Station. Make sure you keep your ticket, if you reuse it you get a discount on your next ride.

It’s well worth the time and nominal (7-8 Euro) admission fee.

Here are some photos.

Pont du gard from up on hight

Pont du gard from below a view from pont du gard

arches and arches pont du gard

another incredbile view, this is one of the best sites I've been to